Jesus V. Luna April 19, 1930 – October 20, 2023

Celebration of Life


November 11, 2023


Jesus V. Luna.

Jesus V. Luna passed away on Oct. 20 at the age of 93. A memorial service was held on Friday, Nov. 3 at St. Malachy Church.

He survived by his three children Roberta Stanwick, Josefina Vaca and Ramon Luna. He joined his son, Jesse Luna, and his wife, Soledad Luna, in heaven.

As a young boy, Jesus and siblings lived in Mexico. There is where he learned strong work ethics as he was only able to finish 6th grade before having to go to work in order to help the family. After working in the mines in his town of Santa Barbara, Chihuahua, he longed for a better life for himself and young family. Through the sponsorship of his sister and brother-in-law, Elena and Felix Herrera, who guided his arrival legally in 1956 to eventually work at the cement plant. As a result of his self-taught proficiency in English, he rose through the union ranks to hold positions, such as oil house lead, heavy equipment operator, overhead crane operator and becoming only the second Latino to operate the weight scales that required a certain amount of computer literacy.

He absolutely loved his adopted country and became a U.S. citizen as one of his many accomplishments. Jesus was a hero in so many ways to his family, but in particular in 1977 to a pilot when he and his family witnessed a small plane take off, and at about 1,000 feet came straight down. He jumped in as the first person on the scene. He and an air traffic control man pulled the injured pilot out to secure him to safety. Another occasion at the cement plant, without hesitation he rescued a coworker that had fallen into a long and narrow shaft, resulting in saving the life of fellow comrade.

His later years consisted of traveling with his family, helping his grandchildren in many ways, whether it was providing a home or teaching them how to read and write in Spanish.

He will be terribly missed, but honored by his loved ones and friends.

Wood Family Funeral Service has been entrusted with his care. For condolences, please visit


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