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By Diana Wade
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A Taste of Tehachapi


November 11, 2023


Apple Pie Cake Mix.

Fall is officially here! The leaves are turning colors and floating (or maybe whipping is a better word these days) through the air with all the Santa Ana wind we have been experiencing.

What better way to celebrate fall but to bake an Apple Pie Cake and drink a warm Mulled Cider? Well, A Taste of Tehachapi has just the thing.


Mulled Cider Spice Mix.

The Apple Pie Cake mix is loaded with organically grown gala apples, organic Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and cardamon. All you add is eggs, oil and a couple of chopped apples! Or change it up and add chopped pears...I can smell it now!

Add my Mulled Cider spice mix to a gallon of apple cider and you have the perfect afternoon warm drink. Or if you dare, you can add a spice pouch to a bottle of wine with honey or sugar and have dessert and a toddy! Either way, the smell of Fall will fill your kitchen. Stop by Miele Apothecary on "F" Street for more special items from A Taste of Tehachapi.

Look for me at the Holiday Boutique in Bear Valley Springs after Thanksgiving and at the German Christmas at Dorner's Family Winery.

Happy fall, y'all!


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