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It's a blooming business!

Hello, fellow Tehachapians! I am Laura Brubaker, owner and designer at Blooms Floral Studio. We are a new flower service in town and offer single arrangements, custom orders, event and funeral flowers, and recurring subscriptions. We operate from a studio in Golden Hills and deliver to the entire Tehachapi area. While we do not have a store front for customer walk-ins, we are easy to reach and look forward to hearing from you.

Our goal in opening Blooms is to bring the freshest flowers possible to our area, provide our clients with an enjoyable ordering experience, amazing customer service and then deliver those flower designs from our studio to your home or place of business. One of the ways we intend to reach those goals is to start out the week by making a trip to wholesale flower markets and personally choosing each bundle of flowers to work with that week. As a result, our color palette and selection changes weekly and will include seasonal selections throughout the year. None of our flowers are held over from week to week. The flowers you get will always be from a fresh batch that week, so you can know that when you order from Blooms, you are getting the freshest flowers possible.

We also have had the lucky advantage of harvesting directly from some of our fabulous local growers right here in Tehachapi, which creates an even shorter chain from the grower to our cooler and eventually your table.

Ever since I was a teenager helping in my aunt's florist shop, I have loved flowers. They come in such a glorious variety of colors, textures, shapes, scents and sizes, with each one having its own unique requirements to grow and thrive. A cut flower design, arranged with attention to detail and with a focus on what the flower is presenting, brings a sense of beauty and peace to any room.

Throughout history, flowers have been used as a focal point in human rites and celebrations to commemorate births, deaths and all significant events in between. In one sense, flowers are a luxury, but in my opinion, they are as indispensable as nature itself. Beauty is a requirement for quality of life.

When I begin to design an arrangement, the first selection is the container. Whether it's a vase, a wooden box, an urn or a wreath determines in some way what flowers I will use. The occasion for which the flowers are being used also helps in decisions, such as type, color and even longevity of the flowers. For me, I absolutely love choosing the container and am always on the lookout for unique, individual vessels that may make a good flower holder. You would be surprised at the potential in many items that are not strictly considered vases, and it is one of my joys in life to discover such a thing.

After the container choice, and still considering the occasion, is the selection of foliage. I love greens. The foliage part of the design creates the backbone and determines whether it will be flowing, tall, structured or "wildflowery" in appearance. Far from being background only, the foliage is a key feature in the end result. And then, finally, the flowers are added, mixing colors and textures and heights, adding dimension and interest. Flower design is an art, and an artist pours a bit of herself into each piece.

I hope this gives you an introduction and a brief glimpse into my vision and passion for Blooms. I love flowers, and I love working with people to bring a shared idea to life and to help commemorate your important event with flowers. We are deeply appreciative of the community support and to all of you who have reached out to us and trusted us with your orders. We are easy to reach. Call us directly at (661) 557-5083, or visit our website at orderblooms.com.

We have social media accounts under the handle of Blooms, Tehachapi, CA on Facebook and Instagram with literally hundreds of pictures of our work. And you will probably see me around town on deliveries in my bright green Kia Soul with our Blooms info all over it.

When it matters, send Blooms.