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Advice I would give my younger self

I know we get smarter as we get older. We become more clever like the wise old owl in a child’s storybook. What makes us wiser? One could say the extra lines and wrinkles on our face and the aches and pains that we feel in our body is the price we pay for our life experiences. Certainly, over the years we have acquired a lot of knowledge and have become wiser.

So how can we put this knowledge to work?

There are many ways, but one idea that could be fun, is to create a note, a newsletter or a book and call it : Advice I would give my younger self. This would be the lessons in life that you have acquired and experienced. This wisdom could be passed on to others like your kids, grandkids, friends and others. You can give great advice, or you could get creative and have some fun. Who knows, you may even make some money with it. This idea reminds me of something I saw years ago.

At about 9:45 a.m. one sunny morning in spring, I was near a park in a beach community. I was at one end of the park and at the other end of the park I saw a shabby dressed man sitting on a bench under a tree. The man was holding a sign in front of him. I also noticed a few people waiting in line right near him. Additionally, I saw a few other people walking over to join the others in the line. This made me curious, so I walked nearer to see what was going on. The closer I got I noticed that all the people in line were happily holding a single dollar in their hands and looking toward the man under the tree.

Now I had to find out what was on the sign so I moved closer to read it. Once I read it, I laughed out loud! It was inventive and hilarious under the circumstances. The most interesting thing was that people were willing to pay for it! Now you may wonder, what was on the sign?

In big red letters on an old piece of cardboard the sign said:

“10am: Shitty Advice for a Dollar!”