By Alejandra Whittier
contributing writer 

Gallery 'N' Gifts October guest artist, Cherice Hatton


September 30, 2023


Cherice Hatton.

"The natural world has always been an inspiration for me. I love to explore it and attempt to convey its natural beauty in my paintings," said Gallery 'N' Gifts guest artist Cherice Hatton. "My work is about the environment and the wildlife within it.

"I have an interest in the colors and patterns found in animals and how they appear almost invisible within their surroundings. Just as animals can be camouflaged in their environment with color and pattern, I sometimes place them within the painting where at first glance they may not be noticed. Additionally, to help tell a story I may layer smaller paintings atop the larger image. As in a collage, the finished work may have multiple perspectives of one subject, other times it simply looks like one image is dimensional. As an example, in the painting 'Now and Then,' I explored the idea of an abandoned car that has been consumed by time and the elements. A small image positioned on top of the painting shows a portion of the car when it was shiny and new. Time and the elements have taken over the surface of the car changing the shining paint to dull and rust. When you explore this painting, you'll notice the house sparrows near the bottom of the painting with their coloration blending into the surroundings.

"Another example of camouflage is in the painting titled 'Bobcat.' The bobcat is easily visible and appears to be focused on something. Perhaps the dragonflies hovering over the water or is it something in the water amongst the floating moss?


Now and Then by Cherice Hatton.

"Growing up in rural California I can remember wanting to be out exploring the trees, fields, hills and streams. My eyes were always searching for the creatures, big and small, who lived in this beautiful natural world. I tried to capture what I had seen by drawing. As I grew older, my drawings became paintings using watercolor on paper. I like to think that my work brings attention to the beautiful environment and the creatures within it," she said.

Join us Oct. 6 to welcome Cherice and her fascinating art during our First Friday reception at 100 W. Tehachapi Blvd. from 4 to 7 p.m. Her watercolors will be available in our art room through the month of October.


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