By Mark La Ciura
contributing writer 

90th Birthday Celebration


September 30, 2023

Mark La Ciura.

James T. Mitchell, center, with his son on the left and good friend Jerry on the right.

On Sept. 14, James T. Mitchell celebrated his 90th birthday at our local McDonald's, with his son at his side.

JT, as Mitchell is known, is a U.S. Army Veteran and a "Dust Bowl" child coming to Kern County from Oklahoma when he was 2 years old. TJ is a long-time Tehachapi resident and loves our fantastic weather.

JT's father came to Kern for work in the oil fields of Bakersfield.

JT is doing very well and still drives to get his tea at McDonald every morning.

I know we all wish JT many happy returns. Happy Birthday, JT!


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