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Tehachapi welcomes two new city employees

At the Sept. 7 Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council meeting, the City of Tehachapi introduced two new employees to the community. Development Services Director Jay Schlosser introduced Salvador Morales, the department's new City Planner, and Community Engagement Specialist Key Budge introduced his new associate Mya Acosta. Both of these new members of the city staff have extensive experience in their fields, approach their positions with enthusiasm and will be assets to their departments.

City Planner, Salvadore Morales

The City of Tehachapi had been searching for a new City Planner since early this year when they received an application from Salvador Morales, a County Planner from Lamoille County, Vermont. However, Sal Morales was not originally from Vermont. Sal was raised in Antioch, California and still has family there. He graduated from the University of California at Davis during the COVID pandemic with a degree in Sustainable Environmental Design. Following graduation, he was hired as a county level planner in Vermont.

During his two years with Lamoille County as a county planner, Sal gained experience in planning and working with smaller communities. He said his first winter in Vermont was tough but he soon adjusted. After two years he began to look for ways to move back to California. While doing some research he found that a small town named Tehachapi in Kern County, California was looking for a planner. He interviewed for the position and city is delighted to have him.

Sal has been on the job for about a month and is currently living in Bakersfield. He enjoys road cycling, video games and late nights at the local coffee shop.

Community Engagement Specialist, Mya Acosta

Mya Acosta moved to California from Wichita, Kansas with her family about two and a half years ago when her father was hired to work at Stratolaunch. She graduated from Wichita State University in 2021 with a degree in Communications and Digital Media. Her family settled in Tehachapi and Mya immediately found work in Bakersfield.

For the first year she worked for KGET as a producer for the lifestyle show called Studio 17. She moved on to KERO where she worked for a year and a half as Promotions Producer/Director involved with creative copy-writing and videography and as an anchor. During her two and a half years of television work, she had been commuting daily but sometimes stayed in Bakersfield when necessary.

Working for the City of Tehachapi, Mya will be working closely with Community Engagement Manager Key Budge, as Community Engagement Specialist she will be taking over some of Budge's responsibilities. She is delighted to be working closer to home.

In her free time Mya loves to hike and has found that she enjoys sewing and embroidery when time allows.