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Celebrating Nick 'the Painter'

On the same day he was born, July 14, the much loved and famed Nick "the Painter" Benedict passed away at 77 years old.

Born in Los Angeles to parents Richard Benedict and Paula Lindenbaum in 1946, Nick is survived by his wife Ginger Benedict, sister Joy Benedict and step-children Bianca and Angelo Loli.

Nick met Ginger in Bear Valley Springs in 2000 where he lived for many years, where he became fondly referred to in the Tehachapi community as "Nick the Painter." His specialty was housing trim and his work can be seen on houses all across Tehachapi, Bear Valley Springs and Stallion Springs.

When he wasn't painting houses, Nick loved to spend time with his wife and step-children. Some of his favorite hobbies were bowling, boating and riding horses. Nick and Ginger attended Stallion Springs Church where Nick would put his passion for God and the drums to use, helping out their praise band for many years. It was not uncommon to see Nick around town playing with local bands.

Before settling in Bear Valley Springs and picking up house-painting, Nick took on multiple other fame-earning careers, including acting. Some of his notable roles included playing Curtis Reed on "Days of Our Lives" and Phillip Brent on "All My Children." In addition to his Emmy nominated acting talents, Nick was a Navy veteran who served during the Vietnam War on the USS Ranger.

Nick Benedict lived a very vibrant and full life. He worked hard and has touched many lives across the Tehachapi community, Church and globe. Nick's full-of-life personality, extensive professional work and profound love for others will live on through the hearts of his family, community and admirers across the world.