By Sarah Mouchet
staff writer 

Living Up in the Land of Four Seasons


July 22, 2023

JR Long, while not a native Tehachapian himself, has a passion for preserving the history of Tehachapi and protecting its small-town feel. Having visited from Lancaster nearly daily for 40 years, COVID finally gave JR the opportunity to officially call Tehachapi home. Today he runs Tehachapi Signs Co., a successful and much needed local sign-making business.

In 2015, Tehachapi changed its sign from the timeless “Land of Four Seasons” to a more modernized and simplistic “Live Up.” JR has always been bothered by the new sign, which says very little about the true nature of the town. For many years Tehachapians have colloquially referred to the city as, “The Land of Four Seasons, all in one day!”

JR remembers the old sign fondly from his daily drives, saying that it perfectly reflects the old-timey, small-town feel that Tehachapi has. As a sign-maker and proud Tehachapian, he hopes to bring back to popularity the old Land of Four Seasons slogan and sign.

He started his restoration campaign selling silicone keychains on Tehachapi Sign Co.’s website,, which sport the old sign design and has since seen a large and fast-growing interest in the keychains. The demand has become so high in fact, that JR has been struggling to keep up with orders, selling over 400 keychains in a single week.

But JR isn’t stopping at keychains. Tehachapi Signs Co. has since added a twill hat to their merchandise tab alongside the keychains with plans for future shirts and magnets in the works. He’s also made a full sized sign for a local business.

When asked if JR would be willing to craft more “Land of Four Seasons” signs if other people or businesses were interested, his answer was a resounding, “Absolutely!”


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