By Rick Gillies
Mountain Gardens Nursery & Pet, contributing writer 

Bring new life to your yard this year


July 8, 2023


Mountain Gardens Nursery Planting Tip: when planting a tree, shrub, perennial, bulb or bedding plant, always dig a square hole – about two feet deep, or as deep as it takes to break through any decomposed granite or hard pan soil.

So far this year, we have published articles on pest control, as well as pre and post-emergent herbicides. Today will be a little more general.

As I head down streets in Tehachapi and Golden Hills, I see work that needs to be done in the yards. Either dead trees or shrubs, trimming, bug problems, trash, etc. This would be a good year to get that yard in shape like it used to be, and it's always nice to have something new to look at!

Consider planting perennials such as Asiatic Lilies (blooming now), Oriental Lilacs (blooming soon and oh-so fragrant), Coreopsis, Gaillardia, Leadwort, Jupiter's Beard, Black-Eyed Susan, Teucrium cossonii and chamaedrys, Russian Sage, Veronica and Echinacea (many varieties). Clematis are also blooming now. Other vines are Honeysuckle, Boston Ivy, Banks Yellow Rose, Wisteria and more!

Kali, Corey, Gonzalo and Jaden have really been working hard on the perennial beds this year. So when you see one of them at the nursery, let them know how good it looks!

Sorry to say, in June I lost another nursery supplier. They were my favorite perennial nursery and one I have been buying from for the last 43 years. So that now means I will not be able to get some plants when they are sold out here. They had many items that were exclusive, so check out our current supply today.

Blueberries do well in Tehachapi, if planted in acid soil. They are on sale starting today (see ad on this page). Along with 2-gallon blackberries and boysenberries.

When first planted, plants need watering for five days straight, just to get the soil around the plants moist. You can then water every other day. There are products to make water go further. Acrylic polymer (Soil Moist, by brand name) is used by hydrating first, then mixing with your soil and amendments. This is very helpful with container planting and helps reduce the amount of water needed. Roots grow through the gel (polymer) and use water as needed.

Mulching is another way to conserve water. Be sure to mulch away from tree trunks to prevent "crown rot" and spray or bait occasionally to prevent earwig infestation.

Don't be discouraged. You have spent so much time and effort to have a nice yard. A few conservation efforts will make it look really nice for a long time to come!

I also have gotten into fountains this year. I have a good supplier who makes them herself and they are very unique. Come in and see the summer gift collection, growing all the time!

This year we are back to a "normal water year," so have fun gardening. See our ad on this page for current specials, and remember to dig a square hole when planting a round pot!

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