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You are your dog's only hope

Many shelters are full clear across our great country. There is no more space, and pets, especially dogs, are being euthanized daily. People are giving up their dogs due to housing problems, lack of funds, lack of time for pets and to family growth. Sometimes a new child means the pet has to go. There are no adopters, rescues are feeling hopeless and shelters must put the dogs to sleep. You are the only hope your dog has.

On a typical day, an organization like Have a Heart Humane Society receives a minimum of seven phone calls asking if we can take a dog or a cat that is no longer wanted for one reason or another. We currently have no foster families to place a pet with. All the fosters we have are raising puppies and kittens, hoping we can adopt them out in the near future and then their job starts all over again with a new batch of pets. The supply of homeless pets is endless, but the hands to help this problem is limited. It has never been this crucial. Please try to keep your family dogs – this problem is not their fault.

As we approach the 4th of July, Have A Heart will be providing FREE microchips to anyone wishing to chip their pets in case the fireworks and celebrations result in your dog (or cat) escaping your yard in fright. This should ensure their return. We started giving FREE microchips on June 20 and will continue providing them every day our shop Rescued Treasures (787 W. Tehachapi Blvd., Suite B) is open until the 4th of July celebrations.

Have A Heart has provided a chip reader to each of our local police departments in past years, so dogs can be scanned by officers, should they escape during what is a scary time for our pets. A properly registered chip will always reunite you with your pet! Canine Creek also has a chip scanner and can help reunite pets with their families, as can Have a Heart Humane Society. Take good care of your pets! They would never abandon you!