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Did the kid get it right?

I am an active minded person. I often fill my head with many ideas (sometimes at most inconvenient times, like when I am trying to go to sleep). Often times, these ideas won’t leave my mind alone. It feels like they are stuck in my head like a warm piece of gum on the bottom of my shoe. It is hard to get rid of! Chances are this has happened to you.

These thoughts that plague me are about what I need to do or things I want to happen.

I don’t’ know what you do, but sometimes I will turn on the TV to help me relax. One sleepless night I was trying to relax and I was spinning through the channels to see what was on the TV and I happened to catch an old rerun of the Dennis the Menace show. The iconic TV show about a kid who likes to get into mischief. This show started in 1959 and it ended in 1963. This TV show was based on a cartoon strip by Hank Ketcham.

As I watched the show, I heard young Dennis give advice to his older friend by saying,” If you want something, you have to ask for it! Like if I didn’t ask my mom or dad for some ice cream, I would just stand there with my tongue hanging out.” Excellent advice from young Dennis! When we want something, it makes complete sense to ask the people that can provide us with what we want. Even if they can’t do what we want at that moment, they may be able to give us advice or at least steer us in the right direction. We just have to be willing to ask, and be able to receive whatever comes our way.

You may have heard the old saying, “You never know unless you ask.” I guess the worst thing that can happen is someone will just say no, and that doesn’t hurt too much. But if they say YES, and we get what we want that will be great! A “no” can just give us another opportunity to find a new way to get what we want (either way it can work out). So, go ahead and ask for what you want and see what happens next!

Robin is an author, contributing writer and Leadership Instructor in Orange County, California.