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EMS Week 2023 – 'Where Emergency Care Begins'

National campaign recognizes Emergency Medical Services Professionals, May 21-27

Kern County Public Health is pleased to join our emergency medical service providing partners to announce and recognize EMS Week 2023: “Where Emergency Care Begins.” The national campaign, which honors the men and women who provide emergency medical services to our communities, takes place May 21-27. EMS Week celebrates the accomplishments of EMTs, paramedics and emergency medical dispatchers, while building awareness of the important role they play in our community.

Kern County Public Health would like to take this opportunity to recognize the heroic individuals who devote their time and energy to providing EMS services in our community. We hope that the community will join us in recognizing their contribution to the health and safety of Kern County.

Everyone has a role to play in ensuring our emergency response system works efficiently and can serve our residents in need. Here are some ways we can all help:

• Use the emergency system responsibly and call 9-1-1 only in a true emergency.

• Learn Hands-Only CPR.

Download the free PulsePoint app that alerts CPR-trained bystanders when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs in a safe public place within their immediate vicinity. Users will be able to quickly find the victim and begin CPR immediately rather than idly waiting for EMS to arrive. The app also gives detailed instructions and locations of nearby automatic external defibrillators (AEDs). Learn more: http://www.kernpublichealth.com/pulsepoint/.

“In honor of EMS Week, please join me in thanking and celebrating the brave men and women who fight for the lives of our residents daily as they provide vital, urgent, and life-saving care in some of the most vulnerable moments of our lives. Every day, our paramedics, emergency medical services technicians and emergency medical dispatchers are providing services that often mean the difference between life and death. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.” –Brynn Carrigan, Director, Kern County Public Health

“Everyday our Liberty EMTs, Paramedics and Critical Care Nurses give all they have physically, emotionally and mentally to each one of their patients. They sacrifice birthdays, holidays and precious time with their families. They fought through the pandemic as frontline workers and continue to feel the pressure in its aftermath. I am so grateful to be a part of such a dynamic, resilient and hard-working team. A ‘thank you’ isn’t enough to express my gratitude for their continued efforts to provide such stellar care to our communities.”–Erin Cocciolone RN, EMT-P, Director of Operations, Liberty Ambulance RRH EMS

“Kern County expresses immense gratitude to our medical personnel for your dedication and provision of lifesaving services. Thank you to all the men and women who keep us safe as we celebrate National Emergency Medical Services Week.” –Jeff Flores, Kern County Supervisor, 3rd District and Chairman of Kern’s Emergency Medical Care Advisory Board

“Your Bakersfield City Firefighters will be there in your time of need, whether it’s a slip and fall, difficulty breathing or the birth of our newest citizen. We have proudly served the residents of Bakersfield for the last 144 years and will always be there to ensure the health and welfare of our great community.” –John Frando, Fire Chief, Bakersfield Fire Department

“It is with great honor that our California City Firefighter Paramedics are able to serve the public alongside so many exemplary EMS professionals that make up Kern County EMS system. We give thanks to all the 911 call centers, hospitals and staff, law enforcement officers, ambulance providers and the everyday citizen who aids in helping to save the life of their fellow neighbors. Thank you to everyone that continues to make it their mission to improve the health and safety of their community.” –Jeremy Kosick, Fire Chief, California City Fire Department

“Medical emergencies generally don’t get put on hold or occur during ‘regular business hours.’ That’s why every component of Kern County’s EMS system operates 24/7, 365 days a year, with specially trained personnel ready to respond to those suffering from sudden illness or injury.

“But once a year, we like to take a symbolic pause in honor of National Emergency Medical Services Week to celebrate the members of our local emergency medical services system. They include the paramedics, EMTs, emergency medical dispatchers, emergency nurses and physicians, firefighters, and law enforcement personnel who come together for every single 9-1-1 request for medical aid.

“Standing behind them is an exceptional team of support staff whose involvement takes place either before, during, or after each call for help.

This week, if you see a paramedic, firefighter, or any other member of our hometown EMS team, take a moment to thank them for their commitment and dedication to the communities they serve.”–Lavonne C. Hall, President and CEO, Hall Ambulance Service, Inc.

“This week we recognize the life-saving contributions and achievements, as well as the dedication and commitment, of those who serve in Kern County’s EMS systems. EMS Week is a time to pause and give thanks to the entire EMS community. Thank you for your service to our citizens and our community!” –Zachary Wells, Deputy Chief, Kern County Fire Department