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BVS Litter Loathers

BVS Litter Loathers sponsored a roadside trash pick up from the gate of Bear Valley Springs to HWY 202 on May 2. Our group included 13 volunteers, in alphabetical order: Dana Carpenter, Greg Chick, Jane Tanaka, Mike Coughlin, Linda Coverdale, Lori Frear, Doug Kirkpatrick, Greg Matheson, Melanie McDavid, Laurie Rude Betts, Nilly Smith, Shawn Smith and Kathy Underwood.

Twice a year residents and friends sponsor two roadside trash pick ups. The May 2 event was the first outside the gate.

The second pick up, sponsored by the Horsemen's Association, will beautify Bear Valley Springs roadsides and trails on Saturday, May 27, at 9 a.m., meeting at the Equestrian Center. Please, join us!