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Facilities Advisory Committee appointed

School Board Update

At their December 2022 meeting, the Tehachapi Unified School District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to form a Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) for the purpose of creating a space where local representatives could meet monthly and provide input on District facilities.

This advisory committee would be able to make recommendations, but they would not be binding to either the School Board or the Superintendent. The Committee would be made up of 13 seats. Each school including TILA would have a parent representative. There would be three community member seats, a representative from CSEA, TAT and Confidential Management, a secondary level (grade 6-10) student member and two TUSD Board members. The district will be responsible for providing training and the information necessary for the members to understand the purpose and goals of the committee.

A request was sent out for parent and community volunteers to fill the seats. On March 14, the TUSD Board selected the committee members from the slate of volunteers. The Facilities Advisory Committee will be made up of the following representatives:

Cummings Valley Elementary –

Jeff Stock

Golden Hills Elementary –

Brian Reel

Tompkins Elementary –

David Watkins

Jacobsen Middle School –

Pamela Mangelsdorf

Tehachapi High School –

Ami Shugart

Tehachapi Independent Learning Academy –

Curtis Nelson

Community Members –

Corey Costelloe, Guy Dees, Corey Torres

Classified School Employee Association #466 –

Raymond Schmidt

Tehachapi Association of Teachers –

Deborah Haeberle

TUSD Confidential/Management –

Dr. Bonnie Porter

TUSD Secondary Student –

No applicant at this time

TUSD Board –

Tyler Napier and Dr. Tracy Kelly

All agreed that a student voice is still needed and Board President Paul Kaminski suggested approaching the Interact Club at the high school or a member of student government at JMS. The District will provide training and all necessary information to the committee members to enable them to understand their function with the District.

The meetings will be available to the public with posted agendas. The first meeting was planned for March 30.

The TUSD Board of Trustees meets on the second Tuesday of the month at Wells Education Center located at 300 S. Robinson St., Tehachapi, at 5 p.m.