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Karl's Hardware is here for all your weather-related needs

Tehachapi has been experiencing some wild weather as of late. We at Karl's Hardware have been slammed with customers needing help with all the issues that these back-to-back storms have been causing.

We just want to let the community know we are here for all your weather-related needs. We have everything from sand bags to water wattles. Using wattles is an easy way to help divert water away from an area as well as to keep water from flooding areas of concern. Sand bags are also available, empty or filled, whichever will fit your needs. Rock, sand and decomposed granite are also available for pick up or delivery to rebuild areas that have been eroded away. We also have you covered for the cold and snowy storms coming in, as well. We are well stocked up on wood fuel pellets, heaters, snow shovels, firewood and ice melt. Stop on in and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to assist you and get you exactly what you need. Karl's Hardware is here for you!

We are located at 20901 South St. in Old Town Tehachapi, and occupy the old Pioneer True Value store.