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Locals share what's so special about Tehachapi (part 2)

Livin' the Dream

Chances are, you live in Tehachapi because you love it. You find it special somehow. Can you describe it?

Let's see how some of your neighbors feel about Tehachapi:

It's quiet. Mountainous. Beautiful scenery. Good barbecue. No smog.

We were just in L.A. for a conference, and there was that horrible traffic, and the people that come with it – you can escape all of that here.

– Juan

It sounds so cliché, but I love the four seasons!

Geographically, it's just a beautiful place. In Stallion Springs you can watch elk cross the street. You can be in Sand Canyon and hear the coyotes.

There was a bear at Starbucks!

We're away from everything, but close enough to access whatever we need. I get to be in a small town.

The people of Tehachapi are pretty good people. There can feel like a lot of division at times – the left and the right, whatever you want to call it – but at the end of the day, everyone will be there for you. If you're pulled over on the side of the road, if you're in an accident, they're going to stop.

People aren't worried about, "Well that's that guy who...."

And on the Facebook groups, like Tehachapi Ask, I feel like I know these people and they're family!

– Sarah

I love Tehachapi because it's so varied.

You can meet any type of person on any given day.

I love the small-town feel. I love that at the end of the day the town closes down. I love the slower lifestyle on the weekends.

I could do without the snow days, be we can tolerate those because they're so gorgeous.

I love that I'm able to share my unique talents with the community. I'm really happy with the diversity we have here.

I picked a spot in the backyard where I'm going to be buried.

– Amy

Will you share with us what you find special about Tehachapi? Kindly email it to [email protected] and it may be printed in an upcoming issue.