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Jean Chapman wins pie baking contest

One of the anticipated events occurring during the Tehachapi Apple Festival is the Pie Baking Contest.

This year's contest occurred as usual on Sunday with 10 gorgeous pies entered. Judging the contest this year was Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce President Jeanette Pauer, Tehachapi Arts Commission Co-chair Laura Dreyer, Police Chief Kent Kroeger and City Councilman Michael Davies. The pies were set out on a table while the judges completed the nearly impossible job of grading the pies on appearance. The judges then tasted each pie grading them on their crust and flavor.

The scores were very close, however the winning pie was made by 93-year-old Jean Chapman who was awarded the $50 1st place prize. The $25 second place was won by repeat winner Kelli Knapp and the $15 third place prize was won by Cheyanne Trujillo from California City.

Chapman said that entering a pie baking contest had been on her "bucket list" as she had been making apple pies for years. She is the great-great-great grandniece of the famous "Johnny Appleseed." John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed is credited with planting apple trees all over the eastern United States and Canada near then end of the 18th century. She named her pie "Jean and Johnny's Apple Pie."

Jean Chapman will be sharing her recipe and it will appear in the "Shop Local for the Holidays" special edition of The Loop newspaper, on stands Nov. 19.