By Laurie Rude-Betts
contributing writer 

BVS Litter Loathers


June 11, 2022

Photo provided

The BVS Litter Loathers roadside trash pick up between the Bear Valley Springs gate and 202 was held May 20, which saw a perfect day with lots of helpers. Seventeen good citizens helped out. Pictured from left to right are: Linda Coverdale, Denise Beatty, Lori Frear, Carol Hellyer and Dan Tordoff. Those not pictured were Linda Flores, Tony Gore, Greg Hahn, Doug Kirkpatrick, Ingrid Lindquist, Greg Matheson, Mel McDavid, Mitch McDiffett, Dot Ramirez, Shawn Smith, Kathy Underwood and Laurie Rude Betts. Thanks to all! The next pick-ups for the BVSHA and Litter Loathers will be in the autumn. Come join us, and please remember to carry a bag for trash when you walk.


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