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DIYers in the house

John the Plumber

It’s not every day the plumber gives you tips so that you don’t need to call them, but today is that day. John Nelson, owner of John the Plumber, is always happy to do what he can to help folks out.

“Business is great. So great that we can’t always get to people as quickly as we’d like, so if we’re able to help a customer solve their issue on their own, we’re happy to do so,” he said.

What’s his top tip to DIYers (“Do-It-Yourself-ers”)? “Prevention and have a few basic tools on hand,” John tells us. “Every home should have two types of plungers, one type for the sinks and a different type for the toilets. You also want to have a couple pipe wrenches, an adjustable wrench, tongue-and-groove pliers, plumber’s putty and tape and a toilet auger. Oh, and let’s not forget W-D 40 and duct tape!”

What does he mean by “prevention?” “A large percentage of calls that we get have human error at the cause,” he explains. “Toilets clogged due to things falling in the toilet from storage shelves above the toilet, shower drains clogged with hair and kitchen sinks backed up due to grease and other food being run down the garbage disposal. At my home, we have mesh drain covers to keep hair out of the shower drain and foodstuffs out of the sink drain. Issues with water heaters are often due to a lack of regular flushing of hard water deposits. Do your part so you don’t have to call us.”

But what if, despite your best efforts, you have a plumbing issue? Are there things you can do yourself to save money. “YouTube is your friend,” John laughs. “Heck, I’ve even YouTubed some things myself. A hand auger can often unclog a toilet. Use those pipe wrenches to access the drain trap to find a clog or retrieve a dropped earring. Basic toilet repairs are super easy to do as well. All you need is confidence and a little bit of patience. One big word of caution: Do not attempt more complex repairs over the weekend as there may not be a plumber available to rescue you if something goes wrong!”

The crew at John the Plumber want to encourage you to call them at (661) 823-8031 or (760) 373-7050 and ask for helpful hints on solving your plumbing problems. They’re happy to help.