#9PM Routine

Tehachapi Police Department


April 2, 2022

As we continue to experience an increase in auto thefts and other property crimes occurring in the City of Tehachapi, we are requesting the public’s assistance.

It is no secret that criminals look for easy or tempting opportunities to commit a crime. Many of the crimes occurring in Tehachapi are crimes of opportunity. Thefts of property from vehicles and stolen vehicles frequently occur because of vehicles being left unlocked or unattended with the keys in the ignition or readily accessible. Criminals work through neighborhoods and parking areas trying vehicle door handles, hoping to find an unlocked vehicle or unsecured valuables. The best way to prevent these types of thefts is to remove all your valuables, lock your vehicle’s doors upon exiting and take the keys to the vehicle inside your residence.

In an effort to reduce or eliminate these easy opportunities for crime, the Tehachapi Police Department is adopting the #9PM Routine and encouraging all residents to participate. The #9PM Routine was first created in 2017 by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office in Florida and has since spread to law enforcement agencies across the United States and Canada and can reduce the occurrence of crime.

The #9PM Routine is a nightly reminder to residents to remove valuables from their vehicles, lock their vehicle doors, lock the doors to their residences, turn on exterior lights, activate all alarms and security systems and make a quick visual scan of your property to remove or reduce potential opportunities for crime.

This campaign is a proactive strategy we can take together as a community that has the potential to bring impactful and lasting change. We hope our community participates in the #9PM Routine and make these simple crime reduction strategies part of their daily lives. Crime prevention is ultimately a shared responsibility between the local community and law enforcement and with your help, we can make crime less attractive and less likely to occur in Tehachapi.

The Tehachapi Police Department will send out reminders to perform your #9PM Routine through our social media. Residents can also set themselves a reminder on their smartphone or other device to perform your #9PM Routine. We also encourage everyone to continue to report any suspicious activity to the Tehachapi Police Department at (661) 822-2222.


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