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TUSD Trailblazers

Tehachapi Unified School District

The Tehachapi Unified School District (TUSD) wants to thank its teachers and staff for their dedication to providing uncompromised excellence in the service of our students. The TUSD teachers and staff remain a positive influence in our schools and the impact they make with students and families extends well beyond the walls of the classroom.

The TUSD Trailblazers recognizes two staff members per month who represent the excellence and values that make Tehachapi Unified School District so special for our students. These Trailblazers are nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond.

This month's Trailblazers were chosen for their ability to inspire and uplift their students and colleagues. A total of 55 TUSD staff members were nominated this month with the final honors being awarded to Pam Johnson and Carolyn Perkins.

Pam Johnson is secretary to the principal at Cummings Valley Elementary. Pam joined TUSD in 1999 and has served TUSD students, families, and staff for 23 years. One of Pam's colleagues states "Pam's leadership always holds our office together. She is smart and caring to all of the students and staff. She takes on any task no matter how hard or unfavorable it is." Another colleague wrote, "Pam is amazing! She is quick to help and serve in any way. She is empathetic and makes everyone feel welcome."

As the secretary at Cummings Valley Elementary, Ms. Johnson is friendly, welcoming and helps to set the tone for anyone entering the campus. Her creativity and hard work can be seen throughout the campus. She organizes many student engagement activities including spirit days, fun runs, and CV Kids Crew. Another colleague commented, "Pam is more than a secretary, she is the encourager, creator, doer, mover, and shaker of Cummings Valley Elementary School."

TUSD thanks Pam Johnson for her positivity, and dedication. She has truly been an inspiration at Cummings Valley Elementary School.

Carolyn Perkins joined the teaching staff of TUSD in 2017. Mrs. Perkins, who has a master's degree in education, currently serves as a fifth-grade teacher at Golden Hills Elementary School.

One of Carrie's coworkers put it best stating, "Carrie is one of those colleagues who you can turn to on any kind of day. She will be a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to, and is the most encouraging person I have ever met." Carrie is appreciated by her colleagues for going above and beyond the call of her duties. Another colleague said, "Carrie is tirelessly working to help support everyone at our school, including administration, fellow teachers, and students. Her work ethic is a true inspiration and simply amazing."

"Carrie inspires others with her enthusiasm and positive energy. She wears a smile, brings a growth mindset to work every day and inspires her students to give their best each day."

TUSD thanks Carrie for all she does for students and staff at Golden Hills Elementary School.