By Ann Carroll
contributing writer 

Cardboard pet carriers – yes or no?


February 5, 2022

You have all probably seen the "fold-and- assemble-yourself" cardboard pet carriers intended for normal-sized cats and toy-sized dogs. You may even have purchased one from your veterinarian to bring home your dopey little kitten or small puppy following spaying, neutering or some other minor surgery after he/she has been anesthetized. "Small," "dopey" and "box held by someone else" in the car are key words here. These cardboard carriers are not meant for larger cats or dogs larger than a Chihuahua or toy poodle, nor are they intended for an unattended animal who is vigorous or upset about anything. If they are still coming out of anesthesia, you can probably safely get them home before they can do any damage to the cardboard carrier. This type of carrier is only meant to be temporary. You really need to own a real, hard-sided travel carrier – during the life of your pet, you will need one!

Official carriers are essential to pet ownership, and you will never be sorry that you have one, especially when you need one! New ones are really not expensive in the grand scheme of things, and good used ones are always available at yard sales and at many second hand stores, like Rescued Treasures, 1121 W. Valley Blvd., Tehachapi, (which benefits Have-A-Heart Humane Society).


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