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Hilltop Welcoming Service

Arriving in Tehachapi in the middle of one of the area's hottest Augusts, Sue and Neil Repke moved into their new home. The couple came from Columbus, Ohio where they had lived most of their lives. In fact, Sue's mother came from seven generations of Ohioans. Neil retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserves a few years ago but had been working as a civilian contractor at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Neil applied for a transfer to Edwards AFB so the couple could move closer to their daughter Miranda who lives in Los Angeles. He is now Program Manager at Edwards.

Neil was born in Coshocton, Ohio. He went to flight school before joining the National Guard and then the Air Force. He was deployed to Iraq and Kuwait. He continued on in the Air Force Reserves. Sue said that the military runs in her family, as well. During World War II her mother was a control tower operator and her dad was a paratrooper.

Sue and Neil met at Ohio State University. Sue majored in psychology and occupational therapy and Neil in political science. Neil also has a Masters Degree in business. Sue worked as an occupational therapist for many years while Neil was at Wright Patterson. They have two daughters. Alexandra followed in her parents footsteps and attended Ohio State University studying biological engineering. She now works for a medical software company. Miranda attended Ohio University studying graphic design and animation. She now lives in Los Angeles.

Sue has always had a passion for animals and worked for years as a volunteer at the Columbus Zoo where she had the opportunity to meet the famous Jack Hanna, as well as interact with the big cats and gorillas, among other animals. She is looking forward to volunteering with animals here, as well. At home her animal companion is Molly, a very shy miniature Dachshund.

Welcome to Tehachapi Sue and Neil and we hope you thoroughly enjoy your new hometown.


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