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TehachaPod recap with Kern County Department of Human Services

City of Tehachapi

The TehachaPod podcast from the City of Tehachapi has been having conversations with interesting people involved in our community in many ways.

In season 2, episode 83, "Adoption, Foster Care and All things Human Services," we talk to Jana Slagle from the Kern County Department of Human Services (KCDHS).

Slagle told the hosts, Greg Garrett, Corey Costelloe and Key Budge, about how the Department of Human Services hosts so many programs for the community that they wouldn't get to all of them in the 30-minute conversation.

The conversation kicked off talking about Purple Ribbon Month and "Kaitlyn's Law," which came into law in 2001 after a 6-month-old baby died after being left inside of a locked car with the windows closed. Purple Ribbon Month highlights awareness about not leaving children unattended inside a car.

Slagle spoke about foster parenting and how the families in Tehachapi are among the leading communities in the county of Kern that provide homes, love and care for children in need.

"Tehachapi is known for having wonderful adoptive families and in the last five years 87 children have been adopted by families living in Tehachapi," said Slagle.

She talked about the process to become an adoption eligible family. KCDHS can help anyone interested.

The conversation on TehachaPod also covered human trafficking problems in Kern County and programs KCDHS are involved with to help those victimized. They also had an enlightening conversation regarding the Safely Surrendered Baby Awareness Program for women in crisis, including how many newborn lives have been saved in Kern County and how the law in California works.

The topics of child abuse, domestic violence hotlines and the many other programs available through the Kern County Department of Human Services were also touched on. KCDHS can help people find jobs, help with job interview techniques and completing a resume. For information on resources and services visit http://www.kcdhs.org.

Listen to the entire conversation with Jana Slagle at tehachapod.libsyn.com/website/adoption-foster-care-and-all-things-human-services.

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