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Grow your own fruits and vegetables

Golden Hills Community Services District

Starting April 1, the Golden Hills Community Service District is accepting reservations for garden boxes where Golden Hills residents can grow their own fruits and vegetables. The raised garden boxes are permanently placed in the CSD garden area. There is no charge and the Golden Hills CSD will supply the water.

There are still a few boxes left if you wish to participate. Only fruits, vegetables and other plants suitable for human consumption and decorative annual flowers and plants may be planted. Cannabis, hemp, weed and any toxic plant may not be cultivated. The participating gardeners agree to maintain a clean and aesthetically pleasing raised bed. The Community Service District will supply a water source and a hose for the sole use of watering the raised bed.

What an excellent opportunity to beautify the Golden Hills CSD garden area and at the same time feed your family. Call (661) 822-3064 before all of the beds are assigned.