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Green Street Micro Village approved

Planning Commission Update

On the evening of December 14, the Tehachapi Planning Commission approved the construction of two mixed-use dwellings to be located between Lucky's Barber Shop and the Errea House at 301 S. Green Street. The buildings, each to be about 550 square feet, will be built by Big Sky Dwellings whose office is located in the recently remodeled corner building. The project will be called Green Street Micro Village.

Development Services Director Jay Schlosser admitted that the project was a challenge to fit into the building code as the buildings include shared amenities and parking.

Years ago, property owner Ryan Beauchamp of Big Sky Dwellings had made an agreement with the Heritage League for their use of part of the property for the Errea House garden. That garden will now need to be moved to the back of Errea House to make room for the two new dwellings. Beauchamp, a 22-year resident of Tehachapi, was also the developer who transformed the old Masonic Lodge into the new Tehachapi Library as well as the remodeled corner building at 301 South Green.