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Propositions need explanation

There are 12 Propositions on the November 3 ballot, and it is sometimes difficult to know how to vote on them. Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club has been studying the pros and cons of each one. They are not attempting to make recommendations but to present opposing views so individuals can make informed decisions.

The website, http://www.Tehachapidemocrats.com, has links that are helpful in understanding the propositions. There you can find, under Election Issues/California Ballot Propositions, explanations of each one. There is another link on the website called Props for You. It will discuss several of the propositions online on various dates.

Check out these sites. Then you can determine whether what you hear or see on TV commercials is truthful. For instance, some would have you believe Prop 13 will destroy small businesses. Actually, the tax increase would only effect businesses worth over three million dollars. It has many other benefits for schools.

October 19 is the last day to register to vote. All eligible citizens are encouraged to vote. Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club believes it is important to have an informed electorate to be able to make the best decisions for our State and Nation.