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When I asked Jericho Vise what brought her and husband Joe to Tehachapi, she said "a wedding." Not their wedding, but one that was held at Dorner Family Vineyard about three years ago. She said it was so "awesome" that they wanted to move to the area.

Jericho and Joe both grew up in Dana Point which is on the coast in Orange County. Jericho said that her grandma was a Yorba and that her brother now lives in the old family home in San Juan Capistrano. She comes from a surfing family; her father makes surfboards. In fact, she is named for Jericho Poppler, the Long Beach surfer who was rated No. 2 in the world in 1979. "Joe surfs," said Jericho, "but I am a surfer."

The couple have two children, Madison and Dillon, who are now attending school in Tehachapi.

Jericho is an artist who makes jewelry and paints. She does some portrait and commission work but she seems to prefer more unusual projects like her LED lit skateboard series. She said she would love to show them off at Woodward West some day. In the works is a comic super-hero series. Check out her work at her website http://www.jvise.com. Her skateboards can be seen on her Facebook page.

Joe still works for the oil refinery in Carson, where he has worked for years. He now commutes to Carson and stays in a travel trailer that he has placed there. His old commute was an hour and is quite a bit longer now that they live in Tehachapi.

Jericho has adopted two mustangs, Bree and Quinn. Bree is her riding horse and Quinn is her "pet." Her constant companion is Whiskey, a three-legged Belgian Malinois-mix. He is the fastest dog I have ever seen; faster on three legs than most dogs on four. I am guessing he may have been crossed with a racing greyhound.

Welcome to Tehachapi Jericho, Joe, Madison, Dillon, Bree, Quinn and, of course, Whiskey. Glad you chose our community.


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