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Cerro Coso Honors Program recognizes graduates

Cerro Coso’s Coyote Corner

The Cerro Coso Community College Honors program hosted its first virtual recognition for program graduates on the college website at http://www.cerrocoso.edu/studentservices/2020-honors-program-graduates.

Graduates and their instructors reflected on the hard work the students put into the rigorous program. Students received their Honors cords and tassels to wear in the college-wide commencement ceremony during the drive-thru regalia and professional photography event.

Since 1998, the Honors program has provided opportunities for students to challenge themselves through academics, leadership, service-learning programs and presentations, honors conferences, social engagement and much more.

The 2020 Honors program graduates include: Ashleigh Ayers, Amir Chaudhry, Arsh Chaudhry, Subber Dhillon, Gavann Freiberg, Torin Fuller, Emma Gilmartin, Warif Kastoun, Zulema Nuno, Lorin “Quinn” Smith, Matthew Tidball and Abigail Voigt.

Two $500 Faculty Honors Scholarships were awarded to Emma Gilmartin and Gavann Freiberg and a $1,000 President’s Honors Scholarship went to incoming freshman Elajae Lee.

“Even though these graduates have missed out on an important college celebration, the class of 2020 will always be linked together through the adversity and challenge of COVID-19,” said Cerro Coso President Jill Board. “It’s easy to be part of something when times are normal; it is more rewarding to be part of something when times are extraordinary. With great determination these students have worked hard, and have not been deterred by the crisis that closed our campuses, cities, state, nation and world. Celebrating their achievements is always one of the many highlights of the year for us at the college. Congratulations on your hard work and academic achievements.”