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By Nancy Bacon

Poetic isolation

From the Pastor's Desk


May 23, 2020

Nancy Bacon

Greetings Friends, Our church, like others, has not been able to meet within its building, however, we've been having weekly worship calls and Zoom coffee chats. Each week, one of our members has written a poem to share with us and I wanted to share them with you, so here are three of them. We look forward to meeting this summer in some form or fashion. Our services will focus on the ancient stories and colorful figures in Genesis and Exodus beginning June 7 through the end of August. We hope you can join us. For now, enjoy the poems!

Blessings, Pastor Nancy

Poem for Coronavirus

by Phyllis Belcher

Don't rub your eye. Don't touch your face.

Stay at home. Shelter in place.

Don't ride the bus. Don't ride the train.

Show your joy. Don't complain.

Read a book. Do a task.

If you go out, wear a mask.

Mind these rules. Toe the line.

Three months from now we'll all be fine.

The Old Lady

by Phyllis Belcher

An old lady has invaded my space,

When I look in the mirror, I see her face.

It has bumps and splotches

with wrinkles galore.

And a surgery scar which wasn't there before.

Her teeth are yellow and her hair is white

The opposite colors are what is right.

Her cheeks are hollow and her eyelids sag,

She truly looks like an ugly old hag.

But other things are even worse.

She loses her phone, her keys, her purse.

When she walks she must be careful

not to fall.

She can't climb up high or

reach things that are tall.

She searches the obits

and doesn't find her name,

So, life continues and she goes on the same.

Yes, that old lady has invaded my space,

But I'm determined to give her a good chase.

Covid Complaint

by Phyllis Belcher

This sheltering in place is getting old.

It's lasting weeks longer than we were told.

I don't know how long I can last,

It better be over pretty fast.

I can't see friends except maybe on Zoom.

Or looking outside from my living room.

I shop for groceries just once a week.

If anyone is near, we never speak.

It's not just loneliness that makes me sad,

But my whole person is looking bad.

I don't wear make-up or try to look good.

No one will see me or care if they could.

I look just terrible I must confess.

My hair, once neat, has become a mess.

It has grown so long that I'm afraid.

I'll have to return to my childhood braid.

My toe nails have grown so much I am sure.

They can only be saved by a good pedicure.

My fingernails have lost their shine.

I need a manicure to make them look fine.

However desperate that I may be,

There is a good side that I can see.

My daughter now calls me nearly every day.

Wanting me to be well and stay that way.

I can see my granddaughter most any time,

Because she's teaching yoga classes online.

Pictures of my great-grandson

come on cell phone

Such attention means I never feel too alone.

When friends call it's a real delight.

It makes the day especially bright.

And on Sunday mornings I'm not alone,

Because I go to church via the telephone.

It's a chance for everyone to share.

And Pastor always leads us in prayer.

In the end, to me it's absolutely clear.

In Tehachapi, hope really does live here.

About Tehachapi Community Church, UCC:

No matter who you are, no matter where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here!

The Tehachapi Community Church, UCC is an open and welcoming community of faith that believes that each person, created in the image of God, holds a piece of the truth. Therefore we respect each person's unique spiritual journey. We invite you to experience the difference that religious freedom in a caring community can make in that journey.

You can join us for Worship LIVE on Facebook at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays: Go to from your desktop, or search for "Tehachapi UCC" from your mobile device and go to the "Videos" tab. All are welcome.


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