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We salute our front line angels

Betty O'Halloran has lived in Tehachapi since 1988. Before retiring 10 years ago, she worked under Winfred Hammonds as a nurse at Tehachapi Hospital.

Thinking of those working during the pandemic Betty said, "They are in my mind everyday. Even though I retired 10 years ago they are still my soul colleagues and I feel deeply for them. We can't even imagine what they are going through. They are making extreme sacrifices."

Betty felt like she had to do something and had a sign made saluting our health care angels. She said, "I want them to be in our everyday consciousness." On Thursday, April 2, keeping self-distancing in mind, Betty gathered with a group of friends in front of the windows at Tehachapi Hospital and held up the sign. Jeff Lingerfelt, CEO of Tehachapi Adventist, came out to greet the group and thanked them saying their effort will reassure the hospital staff that Tehachapi cares.

"Tehachapi does care and we represent the entire town. This thing will touch everyone somehow. Social distancing is a mild inconvenience compared to what our hospital workers are going through. I know they signed up to take care of people and save lives but they've never had to deal with something like this," Betty said.

"It was heartwarming to see the doctors, nurses and hospital staff looking through the windows and everyone on both sides saluting and giving high fives. We couldn't connect physically but there was definitely a bond and a reminder that we are one," said Andi Hicks, a member of the group.

In addition to sharing the sign with hospital workers, Betty participates in a meditation group. Every Tuesday from 10 to 10:30 a.m. she joins with others in prayer and meditation, with the intent to calm the virus, uplift the planet and provide a circle of love and light around our front line angels. Before the pandemic, local residents used to gather weekly at the home of Betty Krause. Since they can no longer meet in person the group does a distance meditation at the same time and joins together virtually. The meditation group now has people from Florida, Australia, Canada, Scotland, Seattle and, of course Tehachapi.

Thank you Betty O'Halloran for reminding us it is not "you and me" but that we are all in this together. And thank you to our front line angels. We want you to know you are not alone!