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BVS litter loathers picks up county roads

Thanks so much to Carol Hellyer, Romelle and Michael Kemp, Kathy Underwood, Ingrid Lindquist, Linda and Rick Flores, Molly Mackin, Bob Tebbe and Lori Frear for all of the trash that you picked up from the Bear Valley Springs gate to Hwy. 202. It was a great day for picking up, as you can see from the pictures.

We appreciated that, once again, Greg Hahn arranged with CSD's Bill Malinen for the "shoulder work ahead" signs to be out on Bear Valley Rd. to give drivers an awareness of people along the road. This just shows that BVS thinks as we do, that these roads outside the gate are important to the image of our community!

Watch for Kathy Underwood's BV Horsemen to be there on April 18 to get the roads inside the gate just as clean!