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By Jon Hammond
Land of Four Seasons 

Tehachapi's original Board of Directors

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February 1, 2020

Jon Hammond

The "Board of Directors" who used to meet at Kelcy's included Ed Tompkins, Harold Rouse, Barry Marlett, Warren Johnson, Tom Peterson taking his dad Ray's place, and others.

There's a group of regulars who come into Kelcy's twice a day at about 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. I call them the "Board of Directors." It started with Boyd Lehman and Harold Rouse in 1961 or 1962, when it was still Trusty's Cafe. Then they started bringing in Chet Gilbertson, who owned The Rock Shop on Tehachapi Boulevard. Over cups of coffee, they'd discuss Tehachapi history, politics, their families and news of the day.

Jon Hammond

Margie and Kelcy Owens at the restaurant they owned for 50 years.

And the group grew over the years. It's good to see them all. They're good friends. They come in to harass each other, and they're a fixture at the restaurant. Everybody usually leaves their table alone that time of day, and I look forward to them coming in. The cast of characters has changed over the years, but they've included Wayne Warner, J. R. Warner, George Koutroulis, Bobby Lee Smith, Lester Blair, Tom Wiseman, Ray Peterson, Brad Krauter, Vic Horton, Jared Barnes, Val Galvin, Ed Tompkins, Pete Errecart, Dick Johnson, Warren Johnson, Ran Wheat, Coy Blair, Al Benson and others. They're just good people.

– Kelcy Owens

Kelcy and Margie Owens and their family ran Kelcy's Restaurant on Tehachapi Boulevard for more than 50 years.


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