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Watch your step – I wish I had!

Herb snips


December 7, 2019

Photo provided

On Nov. 4, while delivering Meals on Wheels I tripped on an uneven driveway. I fractured my femur and had to have surgery for a small break above the knee. During rehab it was further fractured and I had to have a second surgery on Nov. 13. I now have a top to bottom brace on the right leg and use a wheelchair for mobility going from bed to commode to chair.

This is our world for the next several months. For Mike and I it is very difficult but doable. So many amazing people have stepped up to support us. We are very GRATEFUL for our amazing community of friends and professionals who help us through this difficult time. Here's a photo of our current world. Our downstairs has been converted to living quarters.

I plan to be back in January with the Herb Snips column. Enjoy a safe, healthy and happy holiday! Contact me at with your accident/rehab tales. Your story may help someone else to have the courage to meet a life challenge.


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