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Have a Heart scholarship


October 26, 2019

As the school year progresses, Tehachapi High School Seniors are preparing for their futures and planning for their college careers. Many organizations provide scholarships to help deserving seniors in our community.

We at Have a Heart Humane Society have offered two scholarships for the last three years to honor our founder, Chelley Kitzmiller who was a published author and, of course, an animal lover. One scholarship is to encourage creative writing and the subject matter prompts of the essay will deal with a human/animal connection or relationship. The other scholarship is an essay which endeavors to expand both the student’s and the public’s knowledge of animal care, ownership and humane welfare, in the private home and in our community. Our scholarships have been increased from the original $500 amount to $1,000 each and there will be a volunteer requirement of a minimum of 8 hours for the senior student throughout the remainder of the school year.

There will be numerous opportunities for seniors to help us on our Saturday adoption days, after school in the shop (Rescued Treasures, 1121 W. Valley Blvd., Ste. #B, Tehachapi.), at any of our outside functions or any fundraiser events that may arise. Any hours over the required 8 will be extremely appreciated.

If you seniors love animals and are concerned for their welfare, consider applying for Have A Heart’s scholarship and sign up for the volunteer hours: it will be rewarding.


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