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New tow service in Tehachapi

There is a new towing service available now in Tehachapi. Located on South Street in Old Town, Tehachapi Towing offers a light to light-medium towing service that can accommodate most towing situations seven days a week and 24 hours a day. The service was started by Jeff Murphy and Emerick Rodriguez, both with years of automotive and towing experience. Emerick has one of the longest towing records in the area, having 17 years of experience while maintaining an impeccable reputation as well. Jeff has been in the automotive service business for 37 years, with the last seven years in Tehachapi.

According to Jeff, they can pretty much tow anything with their two versatile trucks. Vehicle recovery is easy with the four-wheel-drive wrecker that can winch most cars and trucks out of any ditch and tow it to the garage. Need a jump start; they are there to help. Lock your keys in your car; they are there to help. Deliver gas to your car; they are there to help.

In addition to the usual emergency services, Tehachapi Towing's flatbed is a real workhorse. The 2015 Diesel Freightliner has four doors and a huge cab that can carry up to eight people should a family van or group vehicle break down on a trip. Tehachapi Towing will then transport the vehicle to the repair facility of the customer's choice.

Jeff added that in addition to automobiles and trucks, their equipment is even able to tow tractors and other farm equipment, a real plus in Tehachapi.

Local repair facility, Murphy's Diesel has announced that it is offering a five percent discount on labor costs to customers who use Tehachapi Towing.

Tehachapi Towing can be reached at (661) 822-0707, 24 hours a day. Keep their number handy on your phone or in your vehicle.