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What to do when you encounter a school bus


August 17, 2019

Photo provided

Guide for when to stop for a school bus.

School is back in session and as we warned, we have been in our local communities patrolling school zones. We want to remind everyone of what to do when you encounter a school bus with flashing red lights loading or unloading our children. Last week we were in Mojave and Rosamond and issued several citations.

As a fair warning, we will be taking turns in our communities conducting school bus enforcement. We have provided a guide to when you need to stop for a school bus so you don't get stopped for passing a school bus with flashing red lights.

On the morning of Aug. 14, our officer was in the Tehachapi area. Just as he started his day, a silver sedan failed to stop for the flashing red lights on a school bus picking up kids. Later, an impatient gold sedan drove down the shoulder trying to bypass school traffic. In both cases, appropriate action was taken. While it can be frustrating to wait for kids to get on and off the bus, their safety is paramount. Do not pass a school bus displaying flashing red lights and don't drive on the shoulder to bypass traffic in a school zone. Be patient and kind to everyone, it makes everyone's drive and day better.

Keep looking for us in our communities as we strive to provide a safer environment for our kids.


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