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Letter from Walter

Letters from Camp


August 3, 2019

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Vet Friends Foundation operates Camp Golden Years, "Ole Dog Bootcamp," which was established at the Marley's Mutts Ranch in Tehachapi in 2018. It serves as a temporary base for senior shelter dog recruits to thrive and receive any necessary medical care until they meet their forever families. So far the foundation has rescued and placed more than 130 senior dogs and has roughly 30 seniors living out their last days with loving veteran families all across the United States. Enjoy this letter from one of their "campers."

Dear friends, fans and hopefully future forever family,

Name's Walter and I am currently a recruit with Camp Golden Years here in Tehachapi. Now to give you an idea of just who I am, I guess I'll give ya a little backstory to how I got here. You see I'm a dog, but before I'm a dog, I'm a dancer. You can say it's what I do and who I am! In all my 10 years I've been known to dance like the dickens, mostly when I'm feeling happy to see my friends and family, and especially friends and family with food! But as to how I got to camp, let's just say I was dancing with the wrong Boxer's lady. He roughed me up good and I ended up in the Kern County Shelter.

Since being at Camp I've had some time to think about my life and decided I wanted to make a change. I don't need to be dancing around town anymore and getting myself in trouble. To be honest, I just want to dance for a forever family. In fact, if a forever home is out there, I can do other things too! I'm a great snuggle buddy, good guard dog (sorta) and a pretty okay carpet cleaner. So this ole man has got talent, I tell ya! If I haven't sold you yet, you are always welcome to come down to Camp here at the Marley's Mutts Rescue Ranch and hang out with me. I'll show you my moves and I bet you will be sold. If not, I hope to someday complete my mission and find my forever home. The folks here at Camp think us ole dogs are pretty special and I guess I believe them. We do have more love to give.

Love & Kisses,

Private Walter

Look for "Letters from Camp" in future editions or check out Camp Golden Years on Facebook and Instagram.


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