A random act of kindness


August 3, 2019

One of my children got a job at Walmart where she met an acquaintance who had also gotten a job there. This friend had no transportation, so we lent them a bike from our garage. Trouble was that this was a single-speed mountain bike and they live on the far west side of Golden Hills. My child gave them a ride to work whenever their schedules matched up. But she’ll be going to college here soon, winter is coming and that small bike just wouldn’t cut it.

I saw a nice bike online that was at a yard sale. I went to the yard sale and bought that bike. After a week in the garage it came out looking and working good – except for the brakes and derailleurs. I just couldn’t seem to get them adjusted correctly because they started out in such bad shape. I called Tehachapi’s own bike shop, Cycle and Go on 121 East F St., and spoke to Marvin. I explained that we were doing a Random Act of Kindness by providing transportation for this poor young person. He understood immediately. I took the bike in at 3 p.m. one afternoon and at 4:30 p.m. I got a call to come and get it. They had adjusted all of the brakes and the derailleurs! And, in keeping with the spirit of the thing, Marvin didn’t charge me a nickel. So, this is a heartfelt expression of thank you to Marvin and the angels on earth at Cycle and Go.

We couldn’t have pulled this off without your expertise and your big hearts. Thank you!!

Be the change you want to see in the world.

– Anonymous


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