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By Nancy Bacon

Enhancing other's lives enhances our own

From the Pastor's Desk


June 8, 2019

Nancy Bacon

One of the perks of being clergy, is that after a number of years of service, most pastors are granted a temporary sabbatical leave. This becomes a chance to learn or experience some new things, go on retreat, and/or reconnect and refresh. Having served as Pastor at Tehachapi Community Church for over six years, I am going on sabbatical this summer. I look forward to spending time with family, helping out loved ones and having time to be in nature.

I won't be writing for The Loop while I am away, but I do intend to send a few photos from my summer sabbatical. You may not be interested in my mom's 90th birthday party, two family weddings and numerous pictures of my grandson, so I will spare you from these. However, I will be returning to Uganda to work with AidAfrica and to visit Pearls Children's Home. I was there five years ago and I look forward to seeing the children and learning how they are doing, plus seeing how clean water projects and efficient cook stoves are improving life in the villages. Life is precious and there are many ways to help improve it for others. I hope you have found some meaningful outlets yourself and if you are interested, talk to me about the Uganda projects when I return.

Of course, one doesn't need to travel half-way around the world to find meaningful life-enhancing projects to be involved with. I am grateful for local opportunities to serve, but God gives each of us passion and vision for different things. I love meeting people who have impossible visions and to encourage those possibilities. I fully believe that God connected me to people from Uganda for some unknown reason, but who am I to judge? That path opened and I chose to walk on it. I knew it was meant for me. I hope you see paths that you know are meant for you and that you are walking out onto them with courage and conviction. Enhancing other's lives enhances our own.

Live while you are alive. Each day is a present. Share it with others.

God Bless and Keep You Until We Meet,

Pastor Nancy

P.S. Come by the church while I am away. They have a series of unique guest speakers planned for the summer and a fun outdoor worship at the lake in August.

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