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March 2, 2019

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Bruce Hamlin, Gina Christopher, Cindy Lawler and Panda, a foster dog.

Have a Heart Humane Society would like to thank Bank of the Sierra for the generous grant funded on April 12, 2018 for our low-cost spay and neuter project in Tehachapi in an effort to make Kern a NO-KILL community. Their generosity and faith in our organization enabled us to fund three clinics in August 2018.

During those three clinics, we spayed and neutered 31 cats, 13 of which were females, preventing approximately 150 kittens in just one year. We also spayed and neutered 13 dogs, six of which were females, preventing 40 to 60 puppies in one year.

All the animals at our clinics were also given a rabies shot to help prevent the spread of that horrible disease. We microchip all the dogs that go through our clinics in hopes to reunite dogs with their owner if they get lost. The total vet bill for the three clinics came to $2,505 which was offset by the $1,230 we received in co-pays of $25 for cats and $35 for dogs.

We have stepped up our clinics to 4-5 clinics a month. Almost every Wednesday, Dr. Willis from San Joaquin Veterinary Hospital host our clinics on his property in Cummings Valley. We would do a clinic every Wednesday, but sometimes Dr. Willis takes a vacation.

If you are interested in donating to our organization by funding a clinic, please contact or call (661) 822-5683.

Again, thank you Bruce Hamlin and Julie Leiva for this grant, we hope we can count on Bank of the Sierra to support our organization in the future. Woofs and Wags to you!

Gina Christopher,


Have a Heart Humane Society


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