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By Mel White 

Love is big, love is little

On the Bright Side


February 2, 2019

Mel White

In one of the movie versions of "Robin Hood," our hero is told by a friend that he will know when he is really in love because he will be willing to die for the woman. Sure enough, later on in the story Robin tells Marian, "I would die for you."

Knowing someone is willing to die for you can be an ego boost, sure, but knowing someone is willing to put down the toilet seat for you every day can mean every bit as much. Love is putting food on the table, but it's also a little note stuck in your lunchbox. Love is big, and love is little.

Love is big things, like converting to a new religion or moving to a new town so your honey can have the job he's been trying for. But love is also in little things like a smile that starts in the heart and reaches the eyes as well as the mouth. A genuine, heartfelt smile from someone you love can make your whole day.

Love is big things like discussing the children's future or making financial decisions together, but love is also in little things like saying please and thank you, even when you don't have to. Many people seem to think that being in love exempts them from common decency or manners, when in fact I think real love means treating that special person with extra kindness and decency.

Love is big gifts like expensive jewelry or large appliances, but love is also in little things like a handmade card or a surprise quart of ice cream or an evening out, just the two of you. Just showing your loved one that you spent time thinking of only her, or that you want to spend time with him alone, is showing that you care.

Love is big things like earning money to provide for the family, but love is also in little things like treating your wife like someone you care about and cherish -NOT like a servant - in front of your friends. Love is treating your husband like someone you care about and admire - NOT nagging and picking on him - in front of your friends. Love is simply treating your spouse with the same respect you want others to show him or her...or you.

Love is big things like defending her honor or his trustworthiness to those who would doubt, but love is also little things like letting her watch what she wants on television, even when the big game is on. Love can be as simple as letting him work on the car in the garage even when the grass needs cutting and the sink is still dripping.

Conversely, love can be as simple as cutting the grass or fixing the leak even when you'd rather be working on the car. Love can be expressed in so many ways by just recognizing the importance of the other person's priorities, or in doing something you know the other person will really appreciate.

Love is big, love is little, love can be really quite simple. And it can be shared in so many different ways with so many different people in your life.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you share your love – in both big ways and little ways – with all the people you love. And I also hope you receive as much love back as you can handle. Love lifts us all.

© Marilda Mel White. Mel White, local writer/photographer, has been looking on the bright side for various publications since 1996; she welcomes your comments at [email protected]


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