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Sisters to teach art at Slice of Life

Slice of Life Enrichment School


January 19, 2019

Photo provided

Hannah and Elisabeth Macy.

Sisters and best friends, Hannah and Elisabeth Macy (ages 24 and 27) developed a love for beauty from a very young age. Growing up in a large family of 12, they were home-schooled through all 12 grades. After graduation, they continued their education, taking art classes to learn new techniques and methods.

Elisabeth first began taking art lessons from Alicia Garver at the age of 12. Although she had always wanted to be an artist, she had already given up hope. It was too frustrating when she was unable to capture on paper what she was seeing with her eyes. Art classes provided the answer and opened up a whole new world for her. Garver gave her the tools and encouragement needed to accomplish her goals. In a few years, Hannah began taking lessons as well. Soon they were both winning contests and receiving recognition as accomplished artists. Hannah and Elisabeth both have multiple works of art in private collections in several countries. You can visit their website at

When Garver decided to stop teaching, she asked the Macys if they would take over her classes. They agreed and are now teaching fine art in Rosamond and at Slice of Life Enrichment School in Tehachapi.

Their hope is to instill a love of beauty in their students while giving them the tools necessary to achieve excellence. In their classes, the sisters teach the methods they were taught and stress the importance of truly seeing. They don't want to merely teach their students how to draw a tree or a horse, instead they want to teach them how to see the individuality that makes each subject unique and gives it character. Once the student has learned how to really see, the rest comes much easier.

Elisabeth and Hannah truly enjoy watching their students' artistic abilities develop.

Photo provided

Teacher Hannah Macy instructs a student in art techniques.

"It is wonderful seeing that moment when a student realizes that this is something that they can actually do, that they are the one creating a masterpiece," said Elisabeth. "That moment, seeing the excitement on their face, is what makes teaching so worthwhile."

Hannah agrees.

"It is exciting to watch as a student's eye develops and they are able to draw what they see and not just what they know," she said.

"We both know what an impact art has had in our lives. If we are able to help even just a few of our students the way our teacher helped us, then we will feel that we have truly accomplished something," Elisabeth said.

The next 8-week session of fine arts classes at Slice of Life will begin Jan. 28. For more information about class schedules at Slice of Life visit their website at or call (661) 733-7409. You can find out more about Elisabeth and Hannah and see their incredible artwork at


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