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An 8-year-old's guide to Christmas presents

Grassroots Tehachapi


December 22, 2018

Julianna Crisalli

There's nothing like homemade arts and crafts for Christmas.

My typical procrastinating self finished holiday shopping seven days prior to Christmas. This is good for me, really good. Yes, I wanted it done in November, but still...a week to spare!

My daughter on the drive to school this morning started asking for hints about her gifts. This happens every year and you can't help but giggle at the enthusiasm for gifts that come with this age. The things she said next though melted my heart and made this mama very proud.

"You know you're the best gift I get though, right?" she said. "Loving and caring for people is the best gift."

Inspired by her sincere sweetness, I decided to interview my 8-year-old daughter about Christmas.

Our Q&A is below and verbatim.

Me: What is Christmas?

Daughter: Ummm, spending time with family and friends. And also I think Jesus' birthday.

Me: What is your favorite part of Christmas?

Daughter: When my mom brings out the banana bread.

Me: What has been your best Christmas gift ever?

Daughter: A "My Little Pony" poster from my uncle. It was so awesome. I started crying. Do you remember that?!

Me: What is the best thing we can give others on Christmas?

Daughter: Joy and love and care (slight pause) and presents.

Me: What would your perfect Christmas look like?

Daughter: Having my best friend here, too. And I wish I could see both of my grandpas again. Oh! And to have my family be very happy.

Me: If you could only ask Santa for one gift what would it be?

Daughter: For all people to be happy for Christmas. And for a toy, I would like tiger things. Like tiger ears, tiger shirts, tiger...(okay, I edited this one. Basically, all the tiger things).

Me: What is the most important part of Christmas?

Daughter: Have joy and love for everyone and remember the people you may have forgotten.

Through cute and honest conversations like this, my children remind me of life's most important lessons everyday. Holidays aren't always easy for people. For me, I miss too many people this time of year. Bittersweet memories dance through my head more than sugarplums. But that is okay. We're all connected in this way and sometimes the best way to give at Christmas is simply to be kind and compassionate.

Don't just be jolly this season, but be aware and compassionate and meet people where they need us.

Do you know an inspirational group, individual or program that should be featured in an upcoming Grassroots Tehachapi? Email me at See you next time and be kind to one another!


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