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The remarkable adventure of keys – save money and time

Many years ago my husband and I bought a key machine which was kept in constant use cutting thousands of single and double-cut keys. As more features were added to vehicles to keep them safe we had to order keys with pre-set chips in them. Without the chip the ignition circuit would not complete and the car would not start. Fast forward to today where we now have exotic cuts to the keys and programming of keys and fobs. Some cars don't even need a key for the car to operate, merely a programmed fob.

A few months ago we ordered the Tornado key duplicating and fob programming machines to be able to duplicate 98 percent of the vehicle keys and fobs on the market. We can duplicate any standard key but Aleshia Ripoli-Culpepper is the expert in all Tornado vehicle keys and fobs. She has received rave reviews and complements for her professional duplication of these difficult keys.

Getting a key duplicated at Pioneer True Value can save you lots of money and time. You don't have to drive down to the dealership and wait hours while paying through the nose for your key or fob.

And, you should always have a spare key to your car as losing the only key can be very expensive-just ask the dealership.

Call Aleshia at (661) 822-6806 now for more information on getting your key or fob duplicated. Reservations for duplication of the keys on the Tornado machine and fobs can be made to fit your schedule.