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Ever dreamed of painting a masterpiece or learning a foreign language?


August 4, 2018

Susan Minor

Susan Minor, owner and director of Slice of Life.

At Slice of Life Enrichment School, students from 5 to 81 years old have been freed to pursue those dreams with rewarding successes.

Susan Minor, owner and director of Slice of Life, has found that those who are reluctant to believe they could paint, or play the piano skillfully, or excel in any of the other disciplines offered, have continually surprised themselves once they take that first step of commitment.

Susan, the eldest of nine children, was very much involved in raising her younger siblings.

"I became fascinated with their learning processes, and it was during this time that my love for teaching took root," said Minor.  "When one of them said, 'I can't do this!' or something similar, even as a young girl, I somehow knew that wasn't true."

Yet Minor's desire to pursue teaching took a detour when her parents expressed the hope that she would become an attorney. Deferring to their wisdom, Minor initially sought a law degree, but after marrying while still in college, bigger changes would ensue. In the same week that Minor was accepted into law school, she also found out she was expecting their first child.  

"At that point, law school had completely lost its appeal," said Minor, "as being a mother was more fulfilling and demanding than I could ever have imagined."

By 1995, the Minors had two small children and moved from Ohio to Palmdale, Calif.

"I home schooled both of our children and taught piano and French during their middle-school years," she said.

Minor's first introduction to the French language was to attend a specialized school in Ohio (her home state) that taught French starting in middle school. The beautiful school atmosphere and caring professors made an immediate and lasting impact on her. Later, Minor went to an immersion school in France to further refine her language skills. She was struck by the facility's lovely setting and the methods used to help students learn better and faster.

"I dreamed then, of someday following the same examples I was blessed to experience in a school of my own," she said.

After the Minors moved to Tehachapi in 2011, that dream would unfold when they purchased the old dance studio on Valley Blvd. The building has been completely renovated inside, and it is absolutely beautiful. When you visit, you'll sense that special quality of serenity, with a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere.

Susan Minor

Private piano lessons are available for all ages at Slice of Life.

"So far, our students' response has been wonderful, and we're delighted that the Tehachapi community has so warmly welcomed us," said Minor.

Now, please accept Susan's invitation to visit Slice of Life Enrichment School. You'll discover classes in fine arts, drawing, piano, violin, drama, dance, French and Spanish.  The center is also offered for personal and professional event rentals. They are located at 48771 W. Valley Blvd., Tehachapi and their phone number is (661) 733-7409. You may also explore their website at For additional information, please email Susan at [email protected]


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