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Talk about depression, people in Tehachapi can help

Grassroots Tehachapi


June 23, 2018

This week's column is slightly different, but it reaches the heart of what this column is meant to focus on - inspirational people, places and opportunities in our community that help others and make us stronger.

When Anthony Bourdain took his own life a couple weeks ago, it left me sad and angry.

There have been so many high-profile/celebrity suicides over the last few years that have come as such a shock and have felt deeply personal. Bourdain hit me hard, as did Robin Williams. They were inspirations in my life and brought me great comfort.

What hurts more though is the way progressive conversations about mental health issues dissipate so quickly after these deaths. We're all talking about it now, but in another week's time it will be "old news" once again. But this problem is never old and never goes away. It's a conversation we should all have openly each day, without the taboo and generalizations attached.

Each one of us experiences times of deep sadness and doubt. In today's world, there seems to be so much more to agonize over, fear and shed tears in response to. For some, this ache is far greater and deeply hidden. As I write these columns each week, it draws me closer to the people in this community that I love to their achievements, heartache, compassion and anger. We all operate the same, juggling our unique balancing act of emotions. For those who need more compassion and understanding, thankfully, there are places and people in this community who can help.

College Community Services is an organization in town that offers a variety of therapy and mental health solutions. They help those in need in a variety of ways and when it comes to depression, they have a way to help.

Some of their services include: case management, crisis intervention, integrated attention to co-occurring problems, medication support, psychiatric evaluations, recovery support services, solution-oriented individual/group/family counseling, therapeutic behavioral services and a volunteer senior outreach program.

CCS is located at 113 East F Street and their number is (661) 822-8223.

Another resource in town is Tehachapi Wellness Center. Some of their services include: individual/couples counseling, child play therapy, infant mental health, addiction therapy and court programs.

Tehachapi Wellness Center is located at 20241 Valley Blvd., #D and their number is (661) 822-8979.

The center's take different insurances, so call ahead to see which is a better fit for you.

Depression and suicidal thoughts are things we need to talk about openly, each day. There are a variety of topics today, whether political, social or moral that need this kind of openness and compassion.

I sincerely ask all of you to look out for one another, whether you see eye to eye or not. Check in on even the strongest people you know and help them feel comfortable enough to share their life and feelings with you. We don't need to think the same, simply care the same.

Most importantly, spread compassion. There is too much hate and discrimination in this world. We all need support and love, so what could go wrong letting compassion guide our actions?

Do you know an inspirational group, individual or program that should be featured in an upcoming Grassroots Tehachapi? Email me at [email protected]

See you next time and be kind to one another!


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