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Local racer spends Mother's Day weekend at the dirt track


May 26, 2018

Mark La Ciura

Racer Jenee Dugan.

Local racer Jenee Dugan is running a full season in the Hard Top Class and spent mother's day weekend at Bakersfield Speedway running her car with her husband and family. Racing has always been a family event running at this hometown grass roots track where all classes of dirt cars are testing their skill and all are dreaming of someday racing in the top levels of Nascar.

I believe this is the same with Jenee Dugan. With fans dwindling in Nascar racing, I think they at nascar have got away from this style of hometown grass roots family racing where dreams are born. It would be great to see Nascar's top level drivers back on this 1/3 mile oval in Bakersfield, California. It may be another way to grow the sport? Hey, Kevin Harvick, "Home Town Boy and North High School Grad," (point leader in Nascar) are you listening?

It was fantastic to see racers of all ages race on this 1/3 mile oval on Mom's Day weekend. One other thing that I think brings more fans into the sport is more female racers like Jenee Dugan. With more gals out there, the sponsorship possibilities are endless, I think.

I have been around racing/motorsports from a very early age just as a photographer, and have seen young kids learning responsibility, being respectful, playing by the rules, being helpful to other racers and learning if you can't do it safely don't do it. Safety is number one.

Bakersfield Speedway is a great experience. It is great to see Jenee Dugan progressing in her racing career. I recommend any Saturday night at the Speedway. It's a blast for the whole family!


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