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By Tina Fisher Cunningham
Fisher Forde Media 

New disaster trailer for Old West Ranch

The Forde Files No. 168


Tina Fisher Cunningham

From left, Old West Ranch Property Owners Association President Donna Moran, Kieran Chaney (10, son of new property owner Mike Chaney), association board members Rob Dixon and Warren Roberts and the CERT trailer, April 21.

Under the leadership of Safety Officer Rob Dixon, the Old West Ranch Property Owners Association has acquired a disaster trailer fully stocked with supplies.

The trailer is shared with Mountain Meadows Community Services District.

Supplies in the trailer include first aid items, lights, shovels, a bolt-cutter, water, a chain saw, saline solution, hygiene items, road cones, a generator and more.

Tina Fisher Cunningham

Inside the trailer.

Dixon is the Old West Ranch CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) leader. The Old West Ranch CERT is organized under the authority of the Kern County Fire Department. The federal authority for CERT is the Office of Emergency Services (OES), which made the purchase of the trailer possible.

Dixon is coordinating ranch CERT activities with the adjacent Mountain Meadows and Sand Canyon CERT groups.

Old West Ranch is a former 5,000-acre cattle ranch on the eastern tip of the Tehachapi range on the south side of the valley. Devastating fires in 2010 and 2011 have made residents acutely aware of the dangers of fire and other disasters.


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